To mark the Feast Day of Our Blessed Mother Mary, Fr Lawrence Chua concelebrated a Special Mass with Fr Felix Au, to pray for healing at the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Members of the various Church Ministries were also in attendance, including the Healing Team from Emmaus.

Fr Chua was reminiscent of the first mass he celebrated there 21 years ago. Apparently many miracles and other ‘happenings’ have been recorded at the Grotto.

A strong presence of Our Mother Mary could be felt that night, as she interceded for healing for the sick and those who desired to be prayed over. Many of the faithful were touched by the Holy Spirit and were seen praying and paying homage to Our Blessed Mother after being ministered to.

A group of pilgrims from Klang, Peninsular Malaysia, who were on their annual visit to Kuching were privileged to be invited to join the healing mass. Some of them had never experienced a ministering session before.

With a grateful heart, we thank Mother Mary for the fine weather to celebrate the outdoor mass.

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