The Bible and Faith Formation Committee (BFFC) of the Blessed Sacrament Parish, held its AGM on 22 October 2017.

The following faith formators were elected as the office bearers for the new 2018 – 2020 term:-

Spiritual Director – Rev. Fr. Felix Au

Advisor – James Noik

Chairman – John Wong

Vice Chairman – John Liew

Secretary – Martina Juan

Assistant Secretary – Patricia Kosi

Treasurer – Maria Lated (Re-elected)

Assistant Treasurer –  Rachel Lenjun

The faith formators had a gathering to witness the ‘handing over’ ceremony of the ‘old’ to the ‘new’ committee on 7 January 2018. It was a touching moment to witness the long serving and faithful Chairman, brother James Noik handing over his duties to the new Chairman, brother John Wong. James also kindly consented to the request to stay on as an Advisor to the new committee.

James Noik (L) John Wong (R)

James Noik (L) handing over to John Wong (R)

It was also gratifying to witness the happy smiles of both the outgoing and incoming Secretaries, sisters Pauline Sim and Martina Juan at the handover.

Pauline Sim(L) Martina Juan(R)

Pauline Sim (L) handing over to Martina Juan (R)

The following were appointed to head the various ‘portfolios’ of the new committee :-

  • Bible Study – Patricia Kosi
  • Faith Formation – John Liew
  • Parents Outreach – Cheryl Lemba
  • Events – Sandra Anak Abi
  • Welfare – Carolina Ting
  • Social Media (Publicity) – Martina Juan assisted by Roslinna
  • Pastoral Attachment
    1. Choir – Alvin Esnen
    2. Altar Servers – Gabriel Chan
    3. Wardens – Rachel Lenjun
    4. Readers – Alvin Esnen
    5. Youth – Helen Hii
    6. Children Liturgy – James Noik
  • Human Development (Coordinators & Trainers)
    1. John Wong
    2. James Noik
    3. Anthonius Sindang
    4. John Liew
    5. Rachel Lenjun
    6. Helen Hii
    7. Augustine Yeo
    8. Michael Kiew
    9. Stella Sayang

The faith formators would like to put on record their deepest gratitude to the former Rector, Rev. Fr. Lawrence Chua, for his unstinting support and spiritual guidance. They look forward eagerly to working closely with our new Rector, Rev. Fr. Felix Au.