A group of excited children gathered with anticipation at the BSC’s foyer on Saturday morning, 20th January 2018. The reason? It was registration time for the first batch of BSC Tuition Ministry pupils.

Parents, volunteer teachers and all present were just as excited as the pupils who came from SK and SJKC schools within the vicinity of BSC parish.

About fifty primary school pupils (Primary 1, 2 and 3) from low income families and who are struggling with their academic work, were selected for the first five classes being conducted.

Each class will be taught a group-based, and hands-on, approach in the learning of subjects ranging from Bahasa Melayu, English, Mandarin and Mathematics.

The inaugural two-hour session started with a thanksgiving speech by the ministry’s Chairman, Mr.Simon Pui.

Mr.Nigel Sim then led the kids through a fun-loving and action-packed session of children’s songs which were well supported by all the teachers.

Mr.Justin Ho, the ministry’s Vice Chairman, thereafter led the community prayers for the blessing of the ministry.

After an orientation of the classroom block, and a briefing on the rules and regulations, the children had their first taste of what is to come. Their first tuition session ended with fun assessment exercises to gauge the learning needs of each pupil, in the different subjects.

The Church Rector, Fr.Felix Au, emphasized that this Outreach Ministry was set up with the intention of helping the marginalized communities in our parish area. It serves as a platform for parishioners to be more involved in reaching out as volunteers.

The current volunteers may have come from different backgrounds, but they have all come with open hearts for the purpose of teaching and learning. More volunteers are needed.

If you are pondering on this invitation, please do not hesitate any longer. Give the parish office a call, and sign up. You are most welcome to join this team of pioneers.

– Contributed by Lillian Law