As a follow up to the recent Life In The Spirit Seminar (LSS), the Emmaus Servant Community will be organising a Growth Seminar from 27-29 April, 2018 at the BSC Hall.

The Growth Seminar is themed: “DEEPER IN LOVE”

A LSS is aimed at establishing one’s personal relationship with God, as well as yield to the action of the Holy Spirit in one’s life. The Growth Seminar hopes to provide guidance on how to strengthen one’s faith and grow deeper in love with God.

The seminar will highlight the importance of loving God and our neighbours.

Other talks include: Ungodly beliefs; blessings and curses; demonic oppression; repairing wrong doing; overcoming the work of the evil spirits, and more.

Come and experience the infilling of the Holy Spirit again, and let the Emmaus Healing Ministry minister to you or your family’s needs.

The Growth Seminar is specifically prepared and highly recommended for past participants of Life in the Spirit Seminars.

Seminar fee: RM35 ( inclusive of meals)

To register online, please click  HERE

Closing date: 22nd April, 2018