The Feast of The Holy Trinity was an important day for Blessed Sacrament Church this year. The Sunset Mass was a thanksgiving Mass for the local Gawai Harvest Festival. It was also the day the Parish launched its new Vision and Mission.

The procession bearing gifts for Offertory was a lovely sight. Captivating native music added a certain charm to the cultural dance performance that led the ensemble of gift-bearing parishioners in traditional costumes, down the aisle.

After unfolding the banners bearing the Parish’s Vision and Mission in both English and Chinese, Fr. Felix Au explained their meanings.

Our Vision is: A Eucharistic community that reveals God’s love in Christ to the world.

Our Mission is:
1) To encounter Christ in the Eucharist and the Word of God
2) To proclaim the Gospel in word and deed
3) To exercise the gifts of the Holy Spirit
4) To discern the promptings of the Holy Spirit to respond to the signs of the times
5) To grow servant leaders
6) To strive for greater communion among believers
7) To be a welcoming community to all

Fr. Felix then gave a brief description of the logo, emphasizing the prominence of the Eucharist.

  “The Eucharist is featured in the centre of the logo. It represents Jesus’ abiding presence with us in this great sacrament.
  The two hands represent prayer and the gestures of welcome and invitation. Our parish is to be a place where all are welcomed as God’s children.
  The red colour of one hand symbolises the Holy Spirit who animates and empowers our community.
  The blue hand represents the waters of grace, and the action of the Holy Spirit in the sacrament of baptism which initiates persons into the Church, a Eucharistic community.
  With the Eucharist and the gift of Holy Spirit, our community is empowered to carry out the work of revealing God’s love and proclaiming the Good News of salvation.”

The Vision and Mission banners were also launched at Sunday’s Chinese and English Masses.

To all our brothers and sisters celebrating the Harvest Festival, Blessed Hari Gawai!

Photos by: Crystal Chong / Stephanie Chua