Two Healing of Families Seminars (HoF) were conducted simultaneously at Blessed Sacrament Parish on 5-7 October, 2018.

The seminars were organised in response to many requests. Emmaus Servant Community had already completed all their scheduled seminars for the year, prior to this.

This was also the first time that the majority of the 105 participants attending the English HoF seminar were from other parishes, either local or overseas. Apart from Peninsular Malaysia, people flew in from Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Australia and Indonesia. One participant who enrolled was on a home visit from Russia. Others came from Bau, Sibu and Miri.

Participants at the English HoF Seminar

Participants for both the English and Chinese sessions had the opportunity to join in the procession for Our Lady of Fatima’s 16th Annual Worldwide Children’s Eucharistic Holy Hour, before proceeding to their respective venues to attend their seminars.

Among those who attended the weekend seminar in English was Fr. Antonius Suhendri, a Catholic priest from Medan, Indonesia. Although here as a participant, he offered his priestly services when called upon on numerous occasions, including leading everyone in prayer and hearing Confession.

Presenters from Emmaus Teaching Ministry

As with past HoF seminars, many participants felt the embrace of our loving Father, and experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit within them, resulting in spiritual and physical healing.

Recounting his experience, a participant said he felt a struggle going on within himself during the Inner Healing session. His swaying body only stopped after he was prayed over. He felt something being lifted off, giving him a feeling of lightness and a sense of peace.

Another participant said she forgave her mother who had disapproved of her marriage. Even as she was being ministered to, she received two missed calls from her mum. By returning her calls and being able to speak to her so soon after forgiving her, she felt spiritually healed.

Participants at the Chinese HoF Seminar

Overall, the seminars felt special in so many ways. They left participants who had experienced some form of healing, wanting for more. Many were already making enquiries about follow-up seminars, which will resume next year.

Photos by: Stephanie Chua