BSC KUCHING: On Sunday, 23 June 2019, Blessed Sacrament Church celebrated Corpus Christi, the feast day of the Church, and Gawai, with Ngiling Bidai, the symbolic ritual of rolling up of the mat to end the celebration.

Corpus Christi is a Christian feast day which honours the Body (Corpus) of Christ (Christi). BSC was blessed to have the Archbishop of Kuching, Simon Poh to celebrate the Mass together with Rector Fr. Felix Au.

The Mass began with the melodic entrance hymn “Majesty” enthusiastically sung by the choir and the faithful. In his homily, Archbishop Simon Poh spoke of the importance of the tradition of passing down, as manifested in the Last Supper where Jesus Christ blessed and broke the bread and said, “Take, this is My body.” Then he took the cup, gave thanks and said to his disciples, “Drink from it, all of you.” As they partook, Jesus commanded them to do these in His memory.

Archbishop Simon also stressed we should receive the bread (body of Christ) reverently. And as we received the bread he added, it would heal, nourish and strengthen us. Furthermore, through the bread all the parishioners become the Body of Christ. We are partakers of the New Covenant.

He elaborated on the theme of passing down. He said Melchizedek was the first King and Priest and it was passed down to Jesus Christ the King and Priest. The Israelites during the Exodus ate manna from heaven in the desert; today we eat the consecrated bread from heaven.

The Mass also saw the commissioning of five new Eucharistic ministers.

At the end of Mass, Archbishop Simon and Fr. Felix jointly rolled up the mat to symbolize the end of Gawai Dayak 2019. The churchgoers were treated to the graceful and exciting dance performances, colourful costumes and melodious Dayak music by the dancers.

In appreciation, Mr. Thomas Ting, Chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council presented Archbishop Simon Poh with a small token. Fr. Felix took the opportunity to thank all for the success of the Feast of Corpus Christi and the procession.

The Mass ended with the Archbishop blessing the congregation and light refreshments were served.

Joseph Wong
Photos: Crystal Chong