BSC KUCHING: The Spiritual Healing seminar conducted by Fr Varghese Parackal from the Vincentian Retreat Centre in Perth, Western Australia, was essentially a “Life in the Spirit seminar”. With the theme “CHRIST is All in All”, the focus was on the healer Jesus Christ.

There were about 350 participants at the weekend seminar held from 6-8 March at the Blessed Sacrament Church hall.

Fr Patrick Heng, the rector and new shepherd of Emmaus Servant Community, the seminar organiser, gave a short welcoming speech. He encouraged everyone to open themselves to the Lord for wonderful things to happen.

Kuching Archbishop Simon Poh, in his address, said that the “source of healing is Jesus. He is the Lord. God is in control. Submit to the loving Father.” He went on to explain that at the very heart of the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is the Holy Spirit. We are to believe in the presence of Jesus.

Fr Varghese stressed the importance of remaining in prayer. To receive the Holy Spirit, he made reference to Matt 7:7 “Ask and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Throughout the whole seminar, Fr Varghese used the Word of God supported by stories and testimonies that were easily relatable to the participants. His teachings were interspersed with anecdotes that kept everyone on their toes and eager to listen to him.

Because we focus on living our lives in the flesh and not in the spirit, we face loneliness, abandonment, anger, sorrow, seeking and searching for love, and other calamities. “When we live our lives in the spirit, we have God with us,” Fr Varghese said.

The inner healing session was an eye-opener for many. Once they were able to forgive and let go of past pain and experience, they felt deep inner peace. They became a “new creation.”

Some of the testimonies received included healing from gastritis, wrist, shoulder, neck, leg, finger, knee and hip pain. Others were healed from insomnia and fear, felt transformed and had more confidence in themselves. Family relationships improved, and some participants felt loved again; life was a gift and worth living.

Michelle, after a visit to her doctor, confirmed her lungs had shown improvement and she was breathing in more air.

Cynthia fell, slain by the Holy Spirit and felt heat on her left chest when she prayed for the cancerous growth in her to be healed.

Sophia who had earlier felt deserted, experienced Jesus standing in front of her, ministering to her soul. She woke up the next morning feeling joyfully fulfilled.

Fr Varghese’s message was clear. Jesus wants us to give our lives to God. To be a new creation. Suffering comes from sin, and only sin can take away our peace. We are encouraged to let go of our sins and live our lives in the spirit. After all, CHRIST is All in All.

Fr Varghese, whose visit was at the invitation of Archbishop Simon Poh, also celebrated two Masses to pray for healing for the Catholic community.

By Ivy Chai
Photographers: Stephanie Chua / Carol Francis