BSC KUCHING: The Emmaus Servant Community, a charismatic renewal ministry of Blessed Sacrament Church (BSC), organised a Life in the Spirit Seminar at the parish hall on 15-17 September 2023.

For many of the 107 participants, the seminar “reaffirmed God’s love” for them.

Among the participants were 61 students from the Sunday Schools of Blessed Sacrament Parish and Chapel of Mother Mary, Stutong. They were accompanied by their faith formators who had been preparing them for the sacrament of Confirmation this past year.

Holy Spirit’s protection and guidance

Fr Leonard Yap

In his Opening address to the participants, Fr Leonard Yap, the Rector of BSC and head Shepherd of Emmaus, told the confirmation students to “ask the Holy Spirit to protect you and guide you” and to “let the seminar help you understand what the sacrament of Confirmation is.”

He reminded the students that they had received “new life” at Baptism and the “body of Christ” at Communion.

Knowing the Holy Spirit. Receiving the Holy Spirit

To prepare the participants to receive spiritual, emotional and physical healing as well as the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Pauline Lim, Christina Eng, Thomas Ngu, Adeline Bong, Ivonson Kwee and Ivy Chai from the Emmaus Teaching Ministry gave Talks on topics ranging from God’s Love, God’s Plan, Sin and Effects of Sin, Repentance… to Inner Healing, Who is the Holy Spirit?, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and topics to grow their faith.

Aided by counselling and confession before attending Mass, the Inner Healing and Baptism of the Holy Spirit sessions that ensued, resulted in a powerful manifestation of God’s love on the participants.

Many of them testified to feeling the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit, transforming them, and freeing them from most of the challenges they faced before attending the seminar.

Heartfelt Testimonies

The counselling and inner healing sessions revealed an alarming trend of insecurity leading to unhealthy mental issues affecting the young. Before the seminar, most of the youths felt…

“Nervous, scared, anxious, stressed, lonely, suicidal tendencies, heartbroken, fearful of the future, no directions, disobedient…”

However, at the end of the seminar many participants projected an aura of peace and love as they had learnt about, and experienced the wholesomeness of God’s love through the Holy Spirit.

  • I learnt that I need to be myself and trust God will be with me and accompany me to the end.
  • I got slain for the first time in my life and got to know Jesus better.
  • The seminar was filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit from the beginning.
  • I received healing.
  • God has a plan for me.
  • Really happy and enjoyed it!
  • The Holy Spirit is powerful.
  • Peace and love.
  • Happy and pain free.
  • Yearns more for God.
  • Relaxed and peace of mind.
  • Believe in God.

The Emmaus Teaching ministry was supported by other Emmaus ministries, namely Healing, Greeters, Music, Media, Intercessory, Counselling and Martha, who worked tirelessly to bring about the success of the seminar.

By Ivy Chai
Photos: Stephanie Chua /Samuel Kuek