Sub-committees of the Parish Pastoral Council

  1. Chinese Liaison Committee
  2. Bible and Faith Formation
  3. Christian Family Life
  4. Creation Justice, Health and Safety
  5. Compassion and Human Development
  6. Spiritual Healing and Counseling
  7. Political and Social Awareness
  8. Youth
  9. Working Adults
  10. Social Communications
  11. Liturgical Ministry
  12. Vocations
  13. Church Maintenance and Cleaning
  14. Wardens and Greeters
  15. Safeguarding of Children and the Vulnerable
Chinese Liaison Committee2019-03-07T11:38:45+08:00

William Ting (016 8605003) Chairman of the Chinese Liaison Committee (CLC) is interested to hear from individuals who would like to participate in this ministry.

Emmaus Servant Community2021-04-19T15:10:37+08:00

Our community offers an opportunity to be renewed in faith and offers healing prayer and service to those who are in need of them. Prayer sessions and meetings are held every Thursday (Chinese) and every Friday (English) at 7:30pm.

Join us and be renewed and filled by the Holy Spirit.

Our community welcomes all to have a share in this wonderful experience by joining our prayer meetings or contact the following for further information:

Pauline Lim (English Emmaus Servant Community) 013 8307104

Mervyn Jong (Chinese Emmaus Servant Community) 016 8903997

To know more about the community, download the PDF below:


Legion of Mary2019-05-20T11:12:53+08:00

The Legion of Mary (LOM) English and Mandarin group are Catholics known as Legionaries approved by the Church formed to be of service to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The worldwide Legion of Mary was founded by Frank Duff in Dublin, Ireland in 1921 and since then has gained active participation from Catholics with the establishment of many individual units known as ‘Praesidium’throughout the world and locally. Members meet for weekly prayers and spiritual input and are assigned to various works of mercy such as hospital visitation, wake prayers, home visitation for the infirmed or sick.

Our weekly meetings and contact are as follows:

Our Lady Undoer of Knots Praesidium (English)

(Contact: Nicholas Hu 012-8837376)

Legion of Mary (Chinese) contact: William Ting at 016 8605003

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults2019-03-07T11:41:15+08:00

Adults becoming Catholics.

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is a process offered to adults who wish to be a fully initiated Catholic (Baptism, Communion and Confirmation) or being received in the faith from another Christian denomination. Individuals interested are required to attend an initial interview before the process of formation. Classes usually begins in June each year. Application forms are available from the parish office or can be downloaded from the website.

Applicants are also welcome to contact Anthonius Sindang at 019 8182725 for details.

Sunday school2019-03-07T11:41:50+08:00

The mission of our Sunday school is to provide a concrete faith foundation for our children and gospel values which would serve them well into their future. Faith classes are conducted in a fun filled manner by well-trained faith teachers in a highly conducive environment. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to participate in our Sunday school by contacting the Chairman of Sunday School John Wong 019-8590386.

Youth Ministries2020-01-03T16:25:27+08:00

1. BSC Youth

BSC Youth is a ministry geared towards the interest of youth and young working adults. The ministry is involved in organizing a variety of activities which serves as a platform to bring the youth of the Church closer together and to further explore the meaning of faith to them individually and as a community and a Church.

Interested youth please contact Joyce Ting at 014 3923410

2. Chinese Youth

The Chinese Youth Ministry (CYM) meets every Saturday, 7:30pm. The CYM is a platform for youths to meet and grow together in the Catholic faith. We believe that our youths must be well equipped and empowered to express and live out their faith wherever they may be.

Contact us for more info: Joyce Ting 014-392 3410, Kevin Phang 010- 983 5685, Rachel Ho 010- 805 1689 or visit us here

3. Emmaus Youth

Emmaus Youth ministry shares similar pursuit with Emmaus Servant Community only the difference is that our focus are for the ‘Youth’. We come together in prayer and healing as one community of youth and for the youth of this parish under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We welcome all youth to experience the saving power of Our Lord Jesus Christ by attending our session on Friday evenings at 7:30pm.

For information do contact Cecilia Lai at 016 8930633

4. Boys’ Brigade 11thKuching Company

Join the Brigades Now !

The Boys Brigade was founded in Scotland by Sir William Alexander Smith in 1854 with the primary objective of “The advancement of Christ’s Kingdom among Members and the promotion of habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect and all that tend towards a true Christian Character”. Members comprises of boys from the age of 8 to 12 years old (Junior) and 13 to 17 years old (Senior) and recruitment of members are throughout the whole year.

Meetings are held every Saturday from 2 to 4 pm and those interested are encouraged to contact Capt. Clement Sii (016-8958393)

5. Girls’ Brigade 11thKuching Company

The Girls Brigade is the sister of the Boys brigade with the same objective of the Boys Brigade. Meetings are held on Saturdays from 2 to 4 pm and interested individuals are encouraged to contact Capt. Julita Chen (016-8968277)

Liturgical Ministries2019-08-16T14:14:37+08:00

1. Altar Servers

  • The role of an altar server is mainly on the sanctuary assisting the priest and at liturgies and carries with it great responsibilities. The server will be the most visible individual on the sanctuary in addition to the priest. The priest and congregation depends on the altar server to ensure that liturgies particularly the Eucharistic celebration are run smoothly. If you are interested to serve at the altar feel free to contact Julian Chan 012-88806362.

2. Choir

“To sing is to pray twice”, St. Augustine

The choir is split into 3 different groups’ namely Sunset mass, Mandarin mass and the Sunday English mass where the members’ single pursuit in their ministry is to give praise to God at masses celebrated at Church. Through the act of singing we hope to lead congregation deeper in their praise and prayers to God. Come and talk to us if you want to sing for God.

Sunset Mass Choir Master: Annabel Gowbei 016 8667546

Morning Mass Choir Master: Florida Law 013 8023200

Chinese Choir Master: Rosaline Sia 016 8640663

3. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The following are Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion commissioned on 23 and 24 Sept 2017 to serve for a period of 2 years, i.e. until Sept 2019.

Chinese Section:

  • Paul Kuo (Coordinator)
  • Cecilia Chai
  • Christina Kuan
  • Cosmas Phang
  • Dominic Theng
  • Lina Ung
  • Mark Chai
  • Philip Hii Dato
  • Simon Sim
  • Thaddeus Jan
  • William Tshai
  • William Yeo
English Section:

  • Charles Yap (Coordinator)
  • Aloysius Telingai
  • Anne Wee
  • Anthony Jim Nyapek
  • Anthony Sudin
  • Austin Minjap
  • Dionysius Spencer Dreman
  • Gabriel Chan
  • Gabriel Dul Kalam
  • Geoffrey Galing
  • George Paulus Sabang
  • Helen Hii
  • Henry Chua Heng Yong
  • Joan Yoh
  • John Liew
  • Joshua Junup
  • Julian Chan
  • Mabel Lau
  • Michael Wong
  • Patrick Jee
  • Pauline Lim
  • Peter Au
  • Sr. Emelda Yan
  • Sr. Lucina Anthony
  • Desmond Kueh
  • James Noik

Commissioning of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion on 23 June 2019 during the Sunset Mass

4. Wardens

We serve the community by being the first in line to welcome parishioners as they take their seat, finding seats, assisting with special needs. We assist too with the collection and attend to emergency needs of the community. We take pride in our service to the community and if you are inclined towards this ministry you can contact Augustine Yeo at 019 8293593

5. Lectors and Commentators

  • The presence of God is made alive through the proclamation of the Words by Lectors.
  • Commentators provides the narratives and commentaries in the celebration of liturgies creating the awareness on the movements and meaning of the liturgies.

If you are interested to be a lector/ commentator contact Eric Phan 016 6152007

Block Rosary2019-03-07T11:52:49+08:00

Block Rosary is devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary from one family to another focussing on the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Family. Friends and neighbours would gather together at homes (taking turn to host) to pray the Rosary for personal and general intentions. This activity is a wonderful method to encourage devotion to the Blessed Mother, deepening faith within the Christian family and promoting fellowship among neighbours through praying the Rosary.

For those interested (English) please be in touch with Michael Junim at 010 9677902 or Philip Aso at 019 8885298

BSC Tuition Ministry2019-03-07T11:53:21+08:00

BSC Tuition Ministry is a ministry initiated as an ‘Outreach’ program to provide needed tuition assistance by providing classes to the marginalised members of the parish. Subjects offered are Bahasa Melayu, English, Mandarin and Mathematics. You will be a beacon for the future generation and will have a fulfilling ministry. Interested to be part of this ministry, feel free to contact Simon Pui at 019 8766494 for details.


‘Ignite’comprises of working adults who come together as one involving in various faith based activities, discovering and understanding themselves in relation to their individual faith, and other activities to help and support each other in an ever changing environment. Those who wish to be part of this group are welcome to be in contact with the Coordinator Jason Kho at 012 8339987

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