An initiative by
the Blessed Sacrament Church Parish Pastoral Council

The PPC is planning for a tribute magazine in memory of the late Fr. Dato Lawrence Chua.

We would like to invite parishioners to share your personal stories and testimonies about Fr. Lawrence on how he had impacted your lives, and especially in your faith journey.


  1. Submissions may be in English or Chinese.
  2. Your personal stories and testimonies may be in the form of:
    1. Prose writing;
    2. Photos with accompanied descriptions;
    3. Artworks with accompanied descriptions.
  3. Writings should be provided in Microsoft Word Document format.
  4. Submissions of photos and artworks should be in soft copies and preferably in high resolution.
  5. Please include your full name and contact details.
  6. Submissions should be emailed to bscprojectmaria@gmail.com.

Terms and conditions:

  1. All submissions are made on voluntary basis.
  2. Due to the limitation of pages, it shall be at the PPC’s discretion on which submissions shall be in the final publication of the magazine. However, all submissions shall be documented and kept for records by the PPC.
  3. Upon submission to the PPC for Project Maria, consent shall be deemed to be given to the PPC for reasonable editing, publishing and record-keeping.
  4. All personal data collected by the PPC is done so exclusively with your consent via your submission. Your personal data will be used in connection to your submission (e.g., to clarify on a point) but for no other purposes.The PPC do not share your personal data with any third parties.

Closing date for submissions is 31st March 2022.

For those who are interested to financially sponsor Project Maria, please contact Brother Clement Sii +6016-8958393.






  1. 可以英文或中文提交。
  2. 你的个人故事和见证可以采用以下形式:
    1. 散文方式书写
    2. 附有图片及说明
    3. 附有插图、绘图作品及说明
  3. 文章应以 Microsoft Word 档案格式提交。
  4. 照片和艺术作品/插图提交应是软拷贝,并以高清晰度度为佳
  5. 请附上你的全名和联系方式
  6. 文件的提交可以通过电子邮件发送至 bscprojectmaria@gmail.com


  1. 所有作品应为自愿提交。
  2. 由于页数的限制,堂区牧灵议会将酌情决定最终会被出版的作品。然而,所有提交的作品将由堂区牧灵议会记录并保存。
  3. 向牧灵堂区议会递交Project Maria的文件,将被视为同意堂区牧灵议会进行合理编辑,出版和记录保存。
  4. 所有个人资料都是在你通过你的提交下同意为堂区牧灵议会收集的。你的个人资料将只用于与你提交的文件相关的用处(例如,澄清某一点),而不会用于其他目的。堂区牧灵议会不会与任何第三方共享你的个人资料。


有意资助 Project Maria 的人士,请联系Clement Sii弟兄,+6016-8958393