In responding to the call by our Holy Father Pope Francis, in his Encyclical Laudato Si, to care for the earth and protect the environment, we are implementing a Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Quality and a No Plastics Policy  in the church.

We recognise that many groups in our church use the kitchen resources as a support for their ministries. The  procedures setforth reflect the requirements for all to maintain when using the kitchen and sharing the quipments/appliances/utensils/cutlery etc. in support of the initiative.


  1. All users must sign in/sign out the Kitchen Log-in Sheet.
  2. If any utensils and equipments are used for a function, Form CJ/1 must be completed.
  3. All dishes, utensils, pots, pans, cutlery, mugs, cups, etc, after use, are to be washed/cleaned,
  4. air dried  and put back in the appropriate marked storage space/boxes/cupboards/pantry shelves where they are located.  Dishwashing enzymes are encouraged to be used.
  5. RESTITUTION: The event leader overseeing the function must record and inform the Parish Office of any damage or loss occurring during the event.  Generally, the Ministry/Group will be charged for the replacement of missing or broken items.
  6. All trash must be properly bagged and placed in the exterior dumpster at the end of the function.
  7. All recyclables must be segregated and disposed in the appropriate recycle bins provided marked:
    (i)  Paper           (ii)   Glass          (iii)  Metal         (iv) General  Waste

Thank you for your cooperation in assuming responsibility for the use and clean condition of the church-owned equipment, appliances, dishes, utensils, etc.

Creation Justice Sub-Committee
10 July 2019



Please notify Parish Office of:

  1. Any damage or loss of items during the event . Generally, the Ministry/Group will be charged for the replacement of the missing or damaged items.
  2. If and when repairs are needed on any equipment or appliances etc. Please do not attempt to make repairs on your own.