Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,


It is wonderful indeed that many people are coming to our parish church for the Sunset and Sunday Masses. With this blessing comes the challenge of parking for many parishioners. We are indeed grateful that in addition to the private parking space in the church compound, we also have the use of public parking spaces.

Regretfully, we have observed increasing instances of improper parking that have resulted in traffic problems. They have caused upset for Catholics who come for Mass and for the general public. This should concern all of us. Therefore, we urge your cooperation:

  1. TO NOT DOUBLE PARK–This causes bad congestion. It also blocks other cars; we cannot assume that all cars properly parked belong to people who are worshipping at Mass in church.
  2. TO PARK CAREFULLY IN RESIDENTIAL LANESnear the church so that it would not be difficult for residents to drive in and out of their homes.
  3. After Mass for cars parked in the church compound, TO BE QUICKLY REMOVED, if they are blocking other vehicles.
  4. TO GIVE YOUR COOPERATION TO OUR WARDENSwho direct traffic flow for our Masses.
  5. TO FIND PROPER PARKING, even if it is farther away from the church.
  6. TO CONSIDER CARPOOLINGto reduce parking congestion. This is also good for the environment as it reduces emissions.

If we do not show consideration in the way we park our vehicles, those who experience inconvenience as a result of it, will question the credibility of our faith. Remember, our Lord calls us to love our neighbor(Mark 12:31) and to do to others what we would have them do to us(Matthew 7:12).

I hope we will encourage each other to do what is right, even if it takes more effort. When we do this, our actions, in small way, reveal God’s love to others.

Thank you and God bless,

Fr Felix Au

Rector, Blessed Sacrament Church, 04/07/2019





  1. 不要双重停车– 避免严重堵车或阻碍其他车辆的流通; 我们不能假定教堂外边所有停放着的车辆都属于来参加弥撒的教友。
  2. 在教堂附近停车要特别顾虑到小区的居民,确保不会阻碍他们进出家园。
  3. 在教堂周围内,当您的车子阻挡到其他车辆,弥撒结束时请尽快去移车
  4. 请与服务员合作,遵从交通指示。
  5. 在适当的地方停车,即使距离教堂比较远一点。
  6. 考虑共车前来教堂,以缓和停车位的不足,并能减少排碳,促进环保。


记住,我们的主呼吁我们爱我们的邻人(瑪尔谷12:31) 凡你们愿意人给你们做的,你们也要照样给人做(瑪窦7:12)。




欧庆伟神父, 2019年7月4日