1. Altar Servers

  • The role of an altar server is mainly on the sanctuary assisting the priest and at liturgies and carries with it great responsibilities. The server will be the most visible individual on the sanctuary in addition to the priest. The priest and congregation depends on the altar server to ensure that liturgies particularly the Eucharistic celebration are run smoothly. If you are interested to serve at the altar feel free to contact Julian Chan 012-88806362.

2. Choir

“To sing is to pray twice”, St. Augustine

The choir is split into 3 different groups’ namely Sunset mass, Mandarin mass and the Sunday English mass where the members’ single pursuit in their ministry is to give praise to God at masses celebrated at Church. Through the act of singing we hope to lead congregation deeper in their praise and prayers to God. Come and talk to us if you want to sing for God.

Sunset Mass Choir Master: Annabel Gowbei 016 8667546

Morning Mass Choir Master: Florida Law 013 8023200

Chinese Choir Master: Rosaline Sia 016 8640663

3. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The following are Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion commissioned on 23 and 24 Sept 2017 to serve for a period of 2 years, i.e. until Sept 2019.

Chinese Section:

  • Paul Kuo (Coordinator)
  • Cecilia Chai
  • Christina Kuan
  • Cosmas Phang
  • Dominic Theng
  • Lina Ung
  • Mark Chai
  • Philip Hii Dato
  • Simon Sim
  • Thaddeus Jan
  • William Tshai
  • William Yeo
English Section:

  • Charles Yap (Coordinator)
  • Aloysius Telingai
  • Anne Wee
  • Anthony Jim Nyapek
  • Anthony Sudin
  • Austin Minjap
  • Dionysius Spencer Dreman
  • Gabriel Chan
  • Gabriel Dul Kalam
  • Geoffrey Galing
  • George Paulus Sabang
  • Helen Hii
  • Henry Chua Heng Yong
  • Joan Yoh
  • John Liew
  • Joshua Junup
  • Julian Chan
  • Mabel Lau
  • Michael Wong
  • Patrick Jee
  • Pauline Lim
  • Peter Au
  • Sr. Emelda Yan
  • Sr. Lucina Anthony
  • Desmond Kueh
  • James Noik

Commissioning of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion on 23 June 2019 during the Sunset Mass

4. Wardens

We serve the community by being the first in line to welcome parishioners as they take their seat, finding seats, assisting with special needs. We assist too with the collection and attend to emergency needs of the community. We take pride in our service to the community and if you are inclined towards this ministry you can contact Augustine Yeo at 019 8293593

5. Lectors and Commentators

  • The presence of God is made alive through the proclamation of the Words by Lectors.
  • Commentators provides the narratives and commentaries in the celebration of liturgies creating the awareness on the movements and meaning of the liturgies.

If you are interested to be a lector/ commentator contact Eric Phan 016 6152007