February 4, 2018, saw the commissioning of a new Pastoral Team to lead the Emmaus Servant Community (ESC) for the term 2018-2020.

Composition & Portfolio:
Head Shepherd: Rev Fr Felix Au
Head Servant: Pauline Lim
Men’s Servant: John Wong (assisted by Spencer Dreman)
Women’s Servant: Christina Eng
Couple’s Servant: Christopher Tan / Doreen Lim
Chinese Section: Damien Yung / Mervyn Jong / Christina Ng
Treasurer: Cyril Chen 
(Assistant): Joan Yoh
Administrator: Joan Yoh

Ministry Servants:
Healing: Peter Chia
(Assistant): John Liew
Intercessory: Joan Yoh
Teaching: Christina Eng
Music & Liturgy: Helen Hii
(Assistant): Patricia Hiu
Media: Mervyn Jong
Social & Welfare: Cyril Chen / Helen Hii
Youth & Children: Christina Eng
English Aspirants graduates: Helen Hii

Commissioning of ESC Pastoral Team by Fr Felix

Emmaus Servant Community or ‘Emmaus’ as it is more popularly known, was first commissioned on 15th March 1992.

It is a Parish-based ministry and was born out of a series of events that began in 1989 to revive an otherwise ‘dry spell’ at Holy Trinity Church, Kenyalang Park. What started out as weekly Holy Hours for Lent, later became weekly Meetings for the faithful. This eventually led to the formation of the Emmaus Servant Community in 1992.

Emmaus moved its Community base to Blessed Sacrament Parish in 2003, following the transfer of its then Head Shepherd, Rev Fr Lawrence Chua.

Emmaus is a Covenant Community. Its members enter into a covenant or “spiritual agreement” with God, and with one another; to love God and one another; in a deeper and more meaningful Christian way.

Presently, there are over 130 covenanted members who are divided into cell groups of between 8 to 12 members, or more. Members of these cells come together as individual cells, to meet once or sometimes every two weeks. They study the Word of God as well as help and encourage each other to live a more committed Catholic way of life.

Its members also come together once a week during Prayer Meetings to worship and praise God. Prayer Meetings are open to members of the public and weekly teaching sessions are conducted at these meetings for spiritual growth.

Chinese Prayer meetings are held every Thursday night to complement the English Prayer meetings held on Friday night. There are also monthly ministering sessions held at the end of these Prayer meetings for those who need prayer or healing.

Throughout its almost 26 years’ journey, Emmaus has grown into 9 ministries to serve the community. This also includes a Youth ministry. All members of Emmaus are encouraged to serve in at least one ministry, so as to be more like Jesus, who came to serve.

As part of its Vision and Mission, Emmaus annually conducts several Life in the Spirit Seminars (LSS); Growth Seminars; and Healing of Family (HOF) Seminars. With the addition of the Emmaus Mandarin Section, Emmaus now also conducts LSS in Mandarin.

Also, as part of its Outreach programs, it has in recent years, been invited to conduct HOF Seminars overseas; namely in Melbourne, Brunei and Jakarta.

Emmaus currently serves as one of the ministries of the Blessed Sacrament Church. Many of its members also serve in the various lay organisations in the parish…as Sunday School teachers, Eucharistic ministers, Wardens, Readers and Commentators.