Hundreds of parishioners witnessed the Installation and Commissioning of new Parish Pastoral Council members for the Blessed Sacrament Parish by His Grace, Most Reverend Simon Poh, Archbishop of Kuching, at the Sunset Mass on 21st April, 2018.

The following are the newly elected Council members:

President: Rev. Fr. Felix Au
Chairman: Thomas Ting
Vice-Chairman: Pauline Lim
Secretary: Peter Chai
Assistant Secretary: Joyce Ting
Treasurer: Bettie Leong
Assistant Treasurer: Maria Lated
Augustine Yeo
Bernard Jussem
Christina Eng
Christopher Adrian
Doreen Wee
James Chieng
Jason Kho
John Liew
John Wong
Julian Chan
Mervyn Jong
Michael Wong
Thomas Ngu
William Ting

In his address to the congregation, His Grace, Archbishop Simon Poh, informed them that the Councillors will now assume responsibilities to assist and advise the Rector, on the welfare and wellbeing of the parishioners. The Councillors are to listen to, and to discern, the needs of the Parish.

Archbishop Simon appealed to the congregation to offer their support to these Councillors. They should pray for them and work with them, so that they continue to stay motivated to serve the Lord.

PPC Chairman Thomas Ting leading the Councillors in their pledge

To the new Councillors, Archbishop Simon reminded them that they have been chosen from among the Christian community of the Blessed Sacrament Parish. It is their duty when serving God, that they serve the community. He prayed they would remain faithful to their commitment to the Council and to the Parish.

Thomas Ting, the newly installed and commissioned Chairman then led the pledge of the Councillors to uphold and achieve the Parish Pastoral Council’s vision and mission.

Installation and Commissioning of Councillors by His Grace, Most Reverend Simon Poh, Archbishop of Kuching

Every Councillor then received a Bible that had been blessed and sprinkled with holy water by the Archbishop.

These Councillors will serve until the next installation of Parish Pastoral Council members, which will take place in April, 2021. Congratulations to the new Councillors!

Photos by Crystal Chong / Stephanie Chua