The Emmaus Youth Community organized a trip to Damai Beach Resort for a day of fun and adventure on 31st October 2018.

At 8 am, a total of 20 participants gathered at the grotto of Blessed Sacrament Church to pray the rosary, before embarking on an hour-long drive to Damai Beach Resort in both the Blessed Sacrament Church vans.

On reaching their destination, the 20 participants made their way to the beach for some fun in the sun. They played a variety of games and sports such as badminton, football, volleyball, frisbee, and many more.

Lunch was served at 12 noon. Everyone gathered to pray, then proceeded to enjoy lunch under a big, shady tree; away from the harsh afternoon sun. After that, they played fellowship games in a common hall area.

They played a couple of games such as Chinese Whispers, where participants were divided into two groups. They had to stand in a line and the first person at the start of the line would whisper a short Bible verse to the person behind, and so on until the last person in the line. The last person in each line who could recite the Bible verse closest to the one that was given, would win.

The trip ended with another hour-long van ride back to Blessed Sacrament Church. Everyone recited the Divine Mercy at 3 pm on the journey back.

This experience was overall, an enjoyable and beneficial adventure that brought all the participants spiritually closer to God and each other.

By Sonia Natasha Gail Hardin