Carolers from the Emmaus Youth participated in the BSC’s house-to-house Christmas caroling  from December 19 to December 23, 2018.  It is an annual activity by the Emmaus Youth to commemorate the nativity of Jesus Christ.

A total of 26 carolers and 5 drivers participated in this activity. Their first stop was at the Fathers’ House, where they received blessings from Fr Felix Au.

The carolers sang at 24 houses in response to the invitations from parishioners from Kuching and Samarahan. At each house, they sang five songs jointly selected by the host and the carolers.

Some of the carols included Jingle Bells Rock, O Holy Night and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. The hosts would sing along, uplifting the Christmas spirit in their homes.

On December 21, the group was invited by the Ling family of tHe Spring Shopping Mall, Kuching, to sing at their Charity event. They entertained 72 children from the Salvation Army Children and Boys’ Home, at the Old Court House. They received a loud applause for their performance.

On top of bringing Christmas joy to every house and event, the carolers enjoyed each other’s company. This strengthened their relationships as Emmaus Youth members.

By Florina Richard