BSC KUCHING: It was Easter Sunday on 21 April 2019. For this joyous occasion, the team prepared a puzzle for a competition with exciting prizes for 6 winners in the senior group. Auntie Veronica also diligently baked chocolate cupcakes and cookies as a gift for every child to enjoy.

One student’s kind mother presented us with a basket full of colourful Easter eggs. After setting up the computer and testing the sound system we were ready to start.

We started with our opening prayers and continued with the homily. The children were taught the gospel. On that day it was about Jesus who had risen from the dead. After the children listened attentively, we divided them into groups of 3 for the puzzle which consists of 10 questions regarding the topic we had taught.

We were proud to see the children working together and eager to solve the puzzle. The first two groups to fill in the correct answers would win specially made bunny Easter eggs by Sarah.

The first place winners were Charissa, Vynia, and Helena. With strong leadership and great teamwork, they managed to bring their group to victory.

After the Mass had ended, we distributed the Easter eggs given by the generous parent and cupcakes to the kids. Once we had sent off the children with smiles on their faces and thanked the mother, we returned to the room to stack up the chairs and tidy the place.

Despite it being a tiring day, we were glad that our hard work and efforts were able to teach and bring joy to the children.

By Sarah Wong

Photos: CLOW