BSC KUCHING: After a hiatus of two years because of the Covid pandemic, the recent “Healing of Families” (HOF) seminar organised by the Emmaus Servant Community attracted not only Malaysians and Singaporeans, but for the first time, international participants from the United States and Australia.

The seminar held from 29-30 April and 1-2 May partly on Zoom and at the Blessed Sacrament Church (BSC) hall, gave participants the choice of attending all the sessions hybrid on Zoom, or elect to participate via Zoom, as well as attend the physical healing sessions at the BSC hall.

Emmaus Head Servant Pauline Lim

The Talks covered topics on Spiritual Warfare, Image of God, Free Will, The Cardinal Points, Unforgiveness, Access Points and Christ Our Way Out.

According to Head Servant of Emmaus Pauline Lim, the HOF seminar originated from Ugandan Catholic Priest Fr Joseph Ssemakula (better known as Fr Yosefu) based in Pensacola, Florida who has been conducting HOF seminars worldwide, including one in Kuching about 10 years ago. Since then, Emmaus has been conducting this seminar annually until the onset of the pandemic two years ago.

From the testimonies received, it is obvious many participants are now more conscious and aware of the reasons behind the many “life-challenges” they and their families face. Not everything is God’s will or God’s punishment. Participants learn about how unforgiveness, trauma and family bondage contribute to the challenges plaguing their lives.

Participants’ Testimonies

“Thank you to our Lord Jesus Christ for the gift of Emmaus Servant Community for conducting HOF this time around. Indeed, God is good that I can participate and learn so much especially about generational/inheritance system. Such valuable knowledge and powerful prayers these past few days will stay with me forever. I believe in Jesus’ name; that He is at work in me and in my family! I pray for my husband to also go through this healing for his family system too. May the Lord continue to work strongly in each and every one in Emmaus to win many souls back to Christ. Alleluia!”

“I thank the Lord for this divine appointment with HIM. Initially, I was half hearted to join the seminar again. I was under spiritual attack yesterday. During the prayers for Inner Healing, I followed every word and step and it really helped me a lot. I slept well last night and woke up this morning, calm and without any burden in my heart. It helps a lot to fully understand my family roots and bondage history. Today, I am FREE AND HEALED of my deep wounded heart, soul and spirit. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

“Thank you, Emmaus team for this wonderful experience with God. Feeling good after the HOF. Being touched by the Holy Spirit. Thanks be to God.”

“While we were praying for closure of access points, I suddenly felt a sharp piercing pain in my left breast and the pain lasted for a while. The pain just disappeared when we came to the prayer to renounce Satan. I am not sure what is the message of this, but I Praise the Lord as the pain is gone! I feel happy and relieved. God is good and I will continue to tap the Holy Spirit for help. Thank you for the precious sessions.”

“It is a blessing for me to be able to participate via zoom. I believe Jesus has healed me in mind and spirit, and of my bodily infirmities. Although the healing may not be felt instantly, but I know Jesus will heal me, day by day.”

“Good teachings. Informative. Powerful testimonies. My family benefitted from the teachings and sharing (I shared with them), especially my youngest son. He joined me on the last day’s session and was touched by the Holy Spirit.”

“This seminar was amazing. I trust in God’s love and mercy. I believe healing is taking place. The sudden pain which I experienced on my first day is gone. I experienced peace and joy and slept so well last night.”

“Family bondages and unhealthy relationships opened my eyes. I learnt about ancestral sins and their effects on family lives. I get to know God better. I feel the Holy Spirit.”

“I gained more knowledge this time on extended grieve and physiotherapy as an example of authority over me (one of the Cardinal points).”

“All the talks were clearly explained. I could see the effects of generational sins in my family tree. After the prayers I felt lighter, and I could feel God’s healing and mercy upon my family. I am sure God will always be with me and my family. I will encourage my friends to join future HOF seminars.”

BSC Rector Fr Patrick Heng

Over the weekend, BSC Rector and Emmaus Head Shepherd, Fr Patrick Heng addressed the participants with a prayer and blessing at the BSC hall.

The HOF seminar was conducted by members of the Emmaus Teaching Ministry, namely Pauline Lim, Christina Eng, John Wong, Thomas Ngu and Ivy Chai.

By Ivy Chai
Photos: Stephanie Chua