BSC KUCHING: With the resumption of all physical activities, the Emmaus Servant Community organised a Life in the Spirit Seminar (LSS) at the BSC Hall, specially for Sunday School students from BSC and Chapel of Mother Mary (CMM) Stutong, who were preparing for the sacrament of confirmation.

The seminar, held from 9-11 September, also attracted other adults from the Christian community.

The LSS was livestreamed through Zoom for participants who preferred to attend online, bringing the total number of participants to well over 80.

In his opening address, Fr Patrick Heng, the rector of Blessed Sacrament Church (BSC) and head Shepherd of Emmaus, advised the participants to respond by “acknowledging the presence of the Holy Spirit” in their lives. The Holy Spirit will “empower, help, and lead” them in all that they do.

The spiritually-charged seminar, in a spirit-filled environment, had a profound impact on the participants, with many of them experiencing God’s unconditional love, deliverance, and transformation for the first time.

Participants were asked to share how they felt before and after attending the LSS.

As with every LSS conducted by Emmaus over the years, many youths expressed a changed attitude towards how they view their lives.

Others felt they had been delivered and set free from their bondages. They could feel the presence of God and experienced His love.

Testimonies from Participants

I learnt how big is God’s love. He forgives my sins many times, no matter what I have done. I also confessed and surrendered myself, my stress, my struggles to God. I feel so relaxed, and I feel so light, no more stress or struggles within me.

I realised that the problems that we had kept to ourselves can be given up to God and He will forgive us no matter how many sins we had committed.

Before LSS, I felt ashamed. Now I feel full of God’s love.

I learnt a lot of things like God is Love. I experienced God’s presence. Trust in the Lord. Amen.

The healing power of the Holy Spirit was so profound. I learnt to fully trust and have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

I learnt to “let go” of my thoughts and my ego.

I came with so much worries as I was having a bad gastric problem. Amazingly, by the grace of God I didn’t experience any gastric discomfort and it is healed. I realised that all the discomfort was caused by my fear which had accumulated for so long inside me. The Inner healing session helped me release my fears, worries and doubts and I left it at the foot of Calvary. During the baptism of the Holy Spirit, my tongue started to move uncontrollably, and it was like the angels in heaven are inviting me to rejoice with them. After that, I felt like our Blessed Mother and Jesus were there telling me that all it is ok now. Praise the Lord. Alleluia.

When mom and dad passed on, I missed them terribly, especially my mom. I was devastated and went into depression. Above all, when she left this world in her sleep, I felt there were tons of unspoken conversations and regrets, especially because as Asians, we were not used to telling each other how much we love and appreciate them. When reality hit that she was no longer with me, I felt like I had no one to run to for love and comfort. During LSS, with the Holy Spirit in us, I felt like I had another chance to tell my parents how much I love them and to ask for forgiveness for any misgivings or hurt caused. All the burden, anger and insecurities were flushed out in the name of our Lord Jesus. I give thanks to the Holy Trinity to be able to carry on with my life.

I had faced three major problems in my life before attending LSS. After joining LSS, I felt relief because I had given up all the hardships that had plagued my thoughts, heart, and feelings all this while. I thank God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for always being there with me. Even in any situation I will still believe and continue to believe because nothing is impossible for God. Patience is the key to everything.

Members from the Emmaus Teaching Ministry who gave the LSS Talks were Pauline Lim, Christina Eng, John Wong, Thomas Ngu, Ivonson Kwee, Adeline Bong and Ivy Chai.

Members from other Emmaus Ministries comprising the Praise & Worship, Healing, Intercessory, Greeters, Martha, and Media, provided the necessary and much-needed support for the seminar.

By Ivy Chai
Photos: Stephanie Chua