BSC KUCHING: For many catechumens, the Life in the Spirit Seminar (LSS) conducted at the Blessed Sacrament Parish Hall from 21-23 April 2023 turned out to be a huge “eye opener”.

Baptised and confirmed at the Easter Vigil just two weeks previously, these neophytes (new converts) were among the 60 plus participants who registered for the LSS organised by the Emmaus Servant Community, the charismatic ministry of Blessed Sacrament Church (BSC).

Share the “Peace, Joy and Love” of God

In his Opening address to the participants, Fr Leonard Yap who is the Rector of BSC, and Head Shepherd of Emmaus, informed them that this is the time to bear witness to the Risen Lord. If, for some reason they still cannot feel God’s love, the LSS would be a good time to open their “eyes, ears and heart” to experience Jesus and to know that “we are not alone.” Fr Leonard encouraged the participants, especially the neophytes to “ask God to send his Holy Spirit” to help and guide them so that they can go out to share the “Peace, Joy and Love” of God with others.

Who is the Holy Spirit & How the Holy Spirit works in Our Lives

In her testimony on the topic she presented: “Who is the Holy Spirit & How the Holy Spirit Works in Our Lives?”, Pauline Lim the Head Servant of Emmaus Servant Community, gave a brief background of Emmaus and said that today, Emmaus Prayer Group and Emmaus Servant Community have been in existence for 31 years. This is concrete evidence of the “presence and working of the Holy Spirit,” and “the Holy Spirit raised us up from NOTHINGNESS to what we are today!”

Apart from Pauline Lim, other members from the Emmaus Teaching Ministry who presented the Talks were Christina Eng, Thomas Ngu, Ivonson Kwee, Adeline Bong and Ivy Chai.

They were supported by other Emmaus ministries, namely Healing, Greeters, Music, Media, Intercessory, Counselling and Martha, who worked in tandem with some volunteers to bring about the success of the seminar.

As the sacrament of Reconciliation (confession) plays an important role in the process to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Fr Leonard Yap and Fr Albert Jacobse were available to hear confessions as well.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Emmaus members who had received the gift of “vision” and the ability to hear the “Word of God” testified to the “powerful presence of the Holy Spirit” during the sessions on Inner Healing and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Several participants experienced healing, be they physical, emotional or spiritual.

Many first timers were amazed at what they had learnt and experienced, and readily shared how they felt before, during and after the seminar. Below are some comments.

Feedback from Participants

Cardboard testimonies…


 What I have learnt from this seminar…”

“Happiness comes from God.”  “Let go of what I can’t control.”  “Relationship with God and how God treats us.”  “That there is the Holy Spirit in me, to help me.”  “I have learnt that God always has a plan for me and I was able to pray in tongues during the inner healing.”  “How to seek the Holy Spirit.”  “Power of Holy Spirit.”  “Trust God and His plan.”  “Jesus will make everything well.”  “Embrace the adventure with the Holy Spirit’s direction, guidance, and leading. Stay thirsty and open to God’s plan.”  “The love of God.”  “Inner healing and incredible works of the Holy Spirit.”  “Addiction is another god. Helps me reflect on my addiction to drama series caused by emptiness.”  “God is always forgiving.”  “God is loyal and he cares for our well-being.”  “Repentance.”  “Obey and believe in Jesus.”  “God is the best forgiver.”  “Realise how much the people desire the Holy Spirit.”

“What I have gained from this seminar…”

“The inner healing session and baptism of the Holy Spirit.”  “I felt at peace and content.”  “Power of Holy Spirit.”  “Saw vision.”  “Experienced healing.”  “Received the gift of tongues.”  “My father is Almighty God and the sharing/testimony of the teaching team.” Personal testimonies and sharing.”  “The Inner healing has helped me to reduce my sadness in my current situation.”

Lighting a candle as a gesture of thanksgiving for God’s love, gifts of the Holy Spirit and answered prayers.


By Ivy Chai
Photos: Stephanie Chua