Baptism (from the Greek word meaning to drown or immerse) marks the beginning of our life in Christ, a complete transformation of ourselves as faithful followers of Jesus, the Son of God. This sacrament recognizes our creation as images of God and welcomes infants and adults into the community of the faithful who profess that Jesus is Lord. In its public celebration, the community recalls its own initiation and sees again the vitality of the living and growing body of Christ in the world.

Who may be baptised at Blessed Sacrament Church?

Infants whose parents are parishioners of Blessed Sacrament Church or those who can demonstrate some real link to the parish community. Parents who are from another parish or live within the geographical boundary of that parish will need to obtain permission from their parish priest to have their child baptised here.

We encourage parents to have their children baptised within the first few weeks of birth. It is the practice of this parish to perform group infant baptisms on the dates indicated above unless prevented by special circumstances. Please be alert to the Sunday church notices for the firm dates for the baptisms.

Parents and godparents of the child to be baptised MUST attend a special briefing usually held on the Sunday, a week before the date of baptism. The briefing will start at 4.00 pm and will take place in the Day Chapel.

Preparation for the briefing:

  • Choose a Christian name (of a saint) for the child. That becomes the patron saint of the child who provides a model of charity and whose intercession is sought.
  • Choose a godparent. The godparent should be at least 16 years old and is a practising Catholic with deep faith. Godparents should be able to maintain long term relationships with their godchildren. As persons of prayer they should be examples and Christian role models for their godchildren.
  • Complete the Baptismal Registration Form available at the entrance of the church or the parish office.

At the briefing on the Sundays, a week before the baptism:

  • Parents and godparents are to be punctual; they are to arrive before 4.00 pm.
  • Documents to bring are the photocopy of the child’s birth certificate, the Family Record Book and a copy/photocopy of the baptismal certificate of the godparent.
  • The completed Baptismal Registration Form; ensure that details are properly and clearly filled.
  • These documents will be collected by the parish representative(s) at the briefing.

At the baptism on the indicated Sundays of the month:

  • Parents and godparents are to be punctual; they should arrive well before 4.00 pm.
  • Parents and godparents are to sit together.
  • Parents are to prepare a baptismal candle for their child. The candle should be special and reflect the solemnity of the occasion.
  • Prepare a “love offering” for the parish as a sign of thanksgiving for the baptism.
  • The Baptismal Certificate along with the Family Record Book will be distributed immediately after the baptism.


All adults seeking baptism must undergo the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). For the intake year 2017/2018 note the following:

RCIA in English

  • Every Sunday at 2.00 am, from Jul each year
  • Room 2, Ground Floor of BSC Centre
  • Contact Anthonius Sindang, 019-8182725

RCIA in Chinese

  • Every Sunday at 2.00 pm, from Jun each year
  • Room B106 (St Mary)
  • Contact Philomena Lim, 014-8865685

Those who followed the RCIA classes will be baptised on the Vigil of Easter.