The much anticipated Growth Seminar with the theme Deeper In Love, took off to a great start a few weekends ago, at the BSC hall. It was organised by the Emmaus Servant Community (ESC).

The seminar was revived after having lapsed for several years, mainly because there is now a greater need to provide further guidance to the growing number of Life in the Spirit Seminar (LSS) attendees.

Seminar participants

The Growth Seminar focussed on subjects that taught Christians how to grow their love for God and their neighbours; the effects of loving God; and how to increase their faith in God.

It was also aimed at creating more awareness on topics like: blessings and curses; overcoming the work of evil spirits; demonic oppression; overcoming the flesh; soul and spirit hurts; repairing wrong doing; infilling of the Holy Spirit; and the world and Christian community.

Many felt touched by the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit, and shared their experiences of being delivered from evil spirits, ailments, addictions, etc. Some participants experienced feelings of peace, joy and deeper love for God.

The team of presenters from the Emmaus Teaching Ministry

About 120 Catholics from the different parishes in the Kuching Archdiocese attended the seminar, including several others from the KL Archdiocese.

Photos by Stephanie Chua