Blessed Sacrament Church began its Family Day and Food Fair on an optimistic note this year. It had a target to meet. The parish family day, held last Sunday, was also to raise funds for the church air conditioning project.

Suffice to say, the food fair was a resounding success and collections far exceeded earlier expectations.

BSC rector, Fr Felix Au would like to thank everyone for participating ‘with a joyful spirit’. He thanks God for His providence.

Many people had been praying for good weather and it was indeed a fine and sunny day. As God would have it, the heavens poured heavily after everything had been cleared away, as if to ‘wash clean the dirt that remained’.

A total of seventy stalls selling decorative and other non perishable products, to all kinds of food items to tempt one’s palate, had been set up.

It was like an international food fare with local delights, such as lemang, pansu chicken cooked in bamboo, to kachangma, to lasagne…just to name a few.

The highlight of the day was of course the ‘Water Bucket Challenge’. This entailed contributions towards 5 levels of RM1000 collections. The last level standing at RM5000 was to see Fr Felix being drenched with a bucket of ice cold water!

Well, to quote Fr Felix: ‘The Bucket Challenge was creative…and fun for everyone including me. I didn’t expect the target to be reached, but it was nice to have cold water poured on me on a hot day!’

Getting all wet for a good cause

It was a happy and memorable way to cap the end of a successful family and fund raising day.

Videos and photo albums of the Family Day and Food Fair will be added in stages, and can be viewed at our BSC Facebook Page. Make sure you ‘LIKE’ our page if you have not already done so!

Photos by: Dominic Bong / Stephanie Chua