KAMPUNG SKIBANG, BAU – The raucous sounds of children’s chatter and Christmas carols filled the church hall of St. Philip’s in Kpg. Skibang as the working adults’ ministry of Blessed Sacrament Church – Ignite – carried out a Christmas outreach programme on 9 December.

Members of Ignite arrived at the kampung on Saturday night and began preparations; cooking, decorating, and practicing carols all for the following day.

In the morning, approximately a hundred children and youth joined members of Ignite in the church hall for a meal which was followed by carols, games, and gift-giving. The children, aged between 4-12, were watched by their parents as they participated in the day’s proceedings.

Speaking with Jason Kho, the coordinator of Ignite Ministry, it was clear that the idea behind this event was borne out of BSC’s sixth mission statement, to strive for greater communion among believers.

One of Ignite’s mission statements is to ignite and foster a spirit of kinship amongst the community. It is hoped that further outreach programmes such as this will be possible in the future.

By Joshua Wong-Tendahal
Photographer: Joseph Sim