Christmas is a season of great joy. Pope Francis during his regular open audience in the Vatican, reminded Catholics that the original purpose of Christmas was to mark the birth of Jesus Christ.

In his Christmas homily he urged the people to make “sharing and giving” more a part of their lives. In addition, the pontiff said, “ It is on the night of Christmas that the biggest surprise comes: The Most High is a small child. To celebrate Christmas, then, is to welcome the surprises of Heaven on earth.”

At the English Christmas Midnight Mass on 24 December 2018, Blessed Sacrament Church, BDC, welcomed the surprises of Heaven on earth with great joy. BSC was beautifully decked out in ornaments – silver bells, red and green decorations, Christmas wreaths and coloured lights. There were also three traditional and brightly lit Christmas trees in the Chancel.

In front of the altar was placed the adorable, humble and peaceful nativity scene of Infant Jesus. While at the entrance of the church stood two splendid, sparkly Christmas trees popular with worshippers who posed there for their pictures. Outside the church, on display was the exquisite Noah’s Ark with its glimmering lights.

The Midnight Mass began at 11pm. It was packed with churchgoers. They sang Christmas carols with fervour. Silent Night, Happy Birthday to Jesus and Cantique De Noel were superbly sung by the choir, receiving a round of applause.

They also listened attentively as the Rector, Fr. Felix Au delivered his uplifting homily. He spoke on God’s unconditional and boundless love for us and the mystery of the incarnation – God becoming man – which showed his divine love in action.

He also encouraged his flock to share and give more in their lives as it would increase their faith.

The Midnight Mass ended with a big round of applause for Fr. Felix Au, in appreciation of his love and commitment to God and BSC.

By Joseph Wong